3rd Show PGWSA Rumney Marsh

Gail Miller
22 days agoNovember 25, 2018
Thanks so much for highlighting the risk to Rumney march, already designated an Area of Critical Environmental Concern.
Dan Brielmann
22 days agoNovember 25, 2018
Gail, We need to find a way to get the cable stations in the Rumney Marsh area to play this show... And if we could get it on Boston cable that would be great.  We want to spread the word.  The show is downloadable off our website www.e-Awakening.com
Charles Denson
17 days agoNovember 30, 2018
Save Rumney Marsh!! Save Coney Island Creek!
Thank you Ed Reiner!
Dan and Marilyn Brielmann
17 days agoNovember 30, 2018
There is so much to save...Rumney Marsh, Rattlesnake Hill, the Holbrook town forest and countless other small pieces being gobbled up in the name of progress.  We need more Environmental Heroes like Ed Reiner!
about 5 hours ago 7:01 AM
Sorry, Dan.I hadn't noticed your response to my comment.. I know I had reached out in the past to Revere through a city councilor. I will see her Wed night and hope to bring it up again. I am certain Winthrop Community Access Television will air these shows. An email I use is gailmiller48@icloud.com. i believe we have good network folks who are very concerned about the Wheelabrator debacle and they are natural allies. I will reach out to all of them because they have as a partner Conservation Law Foundation who could actually sue DCR to correct their evil ways.
about 5 hours ago 7:02 AM
Anonymous is Gail Miller.
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