PGWSA Show #10

Dan and Marilyn Brielmann
over 3 years agoJuly 2, 2019
Here is Playin' Guitar, Writin' Songs,...And....Show # 10 with Robert and Christine Gerzon and Human Earth Awakening!
Mary Yardley
over 3 years agoJuly 4, 2019
Yesterday I spent the day with local climate action colleagues planning next steps for our community to heal our planet. It's often discouraging work so arriving home and listening to the video about Chris and Robert's Human Earth Awakening story was just the alternative fuel I needed to continue to move forward. There is so much wisdom in this amazing video (Thank you Dan and Marilyn Brielmann!)We have been listening to the wrong stories and the incredible work and talent you, Chris and Robert, have put into writing a new story is of tremendous value. It is what we all need to face our anxiety and use it to do great things together. I love that you include the voices of ALL including plants, animals and marginalized peoples. I love your optimism. Thank you for writing our new story, Robert and Chris. Thank you, Dan, Marilyn and your crew for creating another way for all of us to know and live that story.
Daniel Brielmann
over 3 years agoJuly 4, 2019
Mary,  Thank you so much for letting us know that our work is making a difference.  Often we forget that the Choir needs to be fed and nurtured.  We are encouraged by your work and salute you and all the environmental heroes who care so deeply for all life on our living world... Keep up the great work and let us spread our stewardship to Awaken a new Human Earth!
Christine Gerzon
over 3 years agoJuly 4, 2019
Thank you, Mary, for taking the time to watch the video and respond with such a thoughtful and complimentary comment. Thank you for your activism in your town. We are encouraged by so many people around the country and this world who are working towards healing our only planet.
I was so inspired and relieved to see this video.
about 3 years agoJuly 12, 2019
thank you, Chris, Robert and Dan for bringing this important message to the world. We need new energy, inspiration and visioning so that we can all take a deep breath and feel empowered to continue imagining how we can make a difference. Chris and Robert, you so beautifully articulate a message of hope, reason and creation that is a gift to all of us. Thank you.
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