Mainly Mera 1 Freezing Peppers

about 2 years agoSeptember 6, 2020
WOW!! That zucchini!! Your a celebrity - love it. I need your gardening tips. Mine didn't do well this year.
about 2 years agoSeptember 6, 2020
Those peppers are perfect! What do you do with the peppers once they've spent 3 hours in the freezer - do you transfer them to a frozen storage container for another day? I'm looking forward to more tips!
about 2 years agoSeptember 7, 2020
Cant wait til my garden produces more than i can eat! 😊  Great job Mera. Looking forward to the next video.
about 2 years agoSeptember 13, 2020
Love the idea with the peppers!  I will definitely be trying that.  Nice to "see" you.  Looking forward to your next tip!  🙂
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