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Dan and Marilyn Brielmann
about 4 years agoOctober 2, 2018
You won't meet a more dedicated and passionate land conservationist than Al French.
Our friendship has turned into a lesson in life.  Al's energy and focus has taught me that whatever pain I suffer for the cause of saving land is only a ripple in the wave of what others are doing for this cause.  At the grassroots I have found the answer to the environmental crisis.  All we have to do now is to awaken the people to this power!
To: Alan French, Dan & Marilyn Brielmann
over 2 years agoApril 14, 2020
From Patrick Everett, President of Concord Area Humanists.   Hello, We are a  Humanist group, of which I am president, based in Concord MA.  We hold an event each month to give an interesting instructional presentation. We are a secular organization, and have been doing this for 10 years, renting space from UU First Parish in Concord MA. In April, the corona-virus drove us out of that arrangement, and we are now using  BOOM video-conferencing, with which we are very happy.  Our June 1 one will be the third BOOM based event.

We would like to arrange for you to present a program on June 1. on the "Bay Circuit Trail".  We can send you the link to see video of our first BOOM presentation  on April 1, "Our Improbable Universe", by Professor Michael Mallary.  We have been trying to set this up with you for the last few months, but our member who was trying to arrange it somehow let the ball drop.  Please contact me ASAP at or phone at 978-369-1589.  Looking forward to hearing from you, --From:  Patrick Everett, for our CAH Steering Committee
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