Land Of Not

Dan and Marilyn Brielmann
about 2 months agoMarch 27, 2022
This is happening all over the world. The willful destruction of Nature. When will we awaken?
Doug Ulwick
about 2 months agoMarch 27, 2022
"Land of Many Beavers" is a misnomer started in the 19th Century.   Manamookeagin has been translated to "waving green grasses" or something like that.   Beavers do exist in our geographical naming.  The Shumatuscacant is "Lesser Beaver Brook" and the Shumacastacut is "Greater Beaver Brook" right in the neighborhood where you were shooting.
Dan and Marilyn Brielmann
about 2 months agoMarch 28, 2022
Thank you for the info Doug.......My Voice over refers to the fact that it was in fact The land of Many Beavers...... This is from Wikipedia: Before the Europeans made their claim to the area, the local Native Americans referred to the area as Manamooskeagin, meaning "great green place of shaking grass". Two streams in the area were named for the large beaver population: Schumacastacut or "upper beaver brook" and Schumacastuscacant or "lower beaver brook".[3]..... The point was to bring attention to Man's continued willful destruction of Nature on a grand scale...The hope is that we will wake up and start to preserve and protect what nature we have left...
Laurel Facey
about 1 month agoApril 16, 2022
You are doing the work of a photojournalist, where a picture tells a thousand words, and, just in case we don't know how to interpret what we are looking at, you provide the understanding we need. Now it's up to the viewer to think, choose what needs to be said and done, and to act. Thank you, Dan and Marilyn.
Dan and Marilyn Brielmann
21 days agoMay 3, 2022
Thank you Laurel, The work you are doing in Wendall is beyond all we could ask. What you and the Wendell State Forest Alliance has done has brought our local forests to the forefront of our consciousness. The "Land of Not" is not, when we pull together as a team and I am proud and glad to know people such as yourself! To be a member or your team! Team Earth!!!
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