Baking Zucchini

Dan and Marilyn Brielmann
10 months agoApril 11, 2021
Marilyn does not like the spotlight and being in front of the camera is very hard for her... but...she believes in the work we are doing and wants to contribute to the cause. The Zucchini was frozen ( in the first episode ) from our garden. Marilyn does everything she can to reduce, reuse, and recycle, in that order...
10 months agoApril 11, 2021
love you and your cooking
9 months agoApril 13, 2021
Hey Marilyn.  Loved watching you make
9 months agoApril 15, 2021
Mera, those zucchini breads look GREAT - I'll have to try your/Louise's recipe. You seem so natural in front of the camera!
9 months agoApril 26, 2021
looks delicious!! I have those same bowls only in pink and the recipe cards from my Mom. I only hope to get zucchini this summer to bake your recipe.
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