Mainly Mera 2 Freezing Zucchini

Erin C
about 2 years agoSeptember 27, 2020
This is great!  I would never think to freeze zucchini.  Thanks for sharing your tips.  🙂
about 2 years agoSeptember 28, 2020
Your so cute Mera!!! Thanks for sharing. Maybe next year I'll have a zucchini that big.
about 2 years agoSeptember 30, 2020
I love this Mera!!! Thank you for sharing!
about 2 years agoOctober 1, 2020
Great job Mera.  If only I could grow a zucchini that size! 😳
about 2 years agoOctober 1, 2020
Another excellent idea. Wintertime zucchini bread -almost there!
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